Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting there and other things...

Have you missed me? Well, it's already been a monster of a year and I know I have been neglecting you but there have been other priorities - noisy ones that demand a lot of attention and messy ones that require a lot of cleaning - suffice to say other than a rather large project [which I will share with you in this post] its been all babies and toddlers at this end [well one of each anyway].

I have an inbox overflowing with design news that I haven't had a real moment to even look at and I do miss it all, so over the next week - I'm getting there. There being creating some organisation in my week so I make sure I have time for catching up on design news and passing the best of it on to you, there being blogging about best of Decoration + Design that was held in Melbourne this month and there being getting in some much needed exercise to crack those last baby kilos [walking around the trade show counts doesn't it?] - do you think it will be too much for one week? We shall see - in the meantime what about that project I wanted to share with you?

The big project I was very fortunate enough to work on in the first half of this year was for Godfrey Hirst Carpets producing their Wall 2 Wall magazine which I am happy to say I have been a part of since its inception back in 2006 [you can see back issues of the magazine here]. This issue is bigger and better and I just love the way it's all come together. The styling was a huge effort [and only one of the hats I wore in this job] but well worth it as I'm sure you will agree when you see the amazing photography done by Chris Daile of CI studios.

So here is a small sample of the work we did - head to Godfrey Hirst Carpets and order your free copy of the magazine, I assure you it will be worth the click.
[image at top of post - close up of table setting in 'floral fantasy' trend for Godfrey hirst Carpets]

This is one of the four trends highlighted in the magazine - 'Urban Rural' a combination of modern elements & decor and colour inspired by rural life. I love the use of branches in the amazing Chandelier and side table.

A gorgeous coloured carpet from the 'Floral Fantasy' trend.

Double page spread showing one of the bright coloured trends - 'Optimism'. Note that the blonde boy is our number 2 child - he loves to see this part of the magazine - often!!

Make sure you order your free copy and check out Wall 2 Wall Issue 4 for full details on the carpet and the decor in these images. OK off to get organised, lets not make it so long between catch up's again OK?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

white on white

Some of you may have realised that I do have a bit of a thing for layering white on white [my very basic attempt shown here from my last homes dining room - not quite anywhere near what I would really love to do...]. I also predicted it in trends for 2009-10 and have since seen lots of lovely examples but these images were spot on. I happened upon this collection from Jotun on Emmas designblogg and just had to post them here as a gorgeous example. Above and below are the 2010 collection images for Jotun's Lady Farger 2010...

[PS- in case you were wondering our new baby boy was born on Friday the 19th Feb and is doing brilliantly! Actaully I cant belive the time has gone that fast - Im still trying to get organised amidst also having to work on a project that was moved forward, safe to say my hands are very full but we should be back in full blogging mode very soon!!]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Textile Inspiration - Rie Elise Larsen

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov...

This European genius (based in Denmark) has taken paper and textile and created some gorgeous designs for the home. I love the hand made quality of the work and the uniqueness of each piece of paper work… this is definitely one for the books!

Not only are the products gorgeous but the styling is just as inspirational….please excuse the inundation of images in this post but I hope you are as inspired as I am…

The paper product line is just delicious and with the amazing colours available there is no doubt one could find a use for these for absolutely anything…

From boxes, to paper sheets, to paper drawers and mobiles feast your eyes on these eye candy must haves..

The interior pieces range from metal pendants, textile cables, table lamps, cushions and paper lampshades, which are just beautiful.

These are my favourite and with the textile cables you can mix and match to create your very own look.

Just one of the many ideas you can use these shades for… even more beautiful to create a cluster of these in varying sizes in a little girl’s room.

The great idea about this clever designer is that you can buy all these pieces separately and create your own very unique piece of work.

What a great way to create character and personal touches to any part of your home and to create something special for others…

[all images via Rie Elise Larsen]

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decor in profile - Cyrus Company

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov...

While traveling the States I was definitely on the look out for anything in design, but when I fell upon Cyrus Company in Mercer Street Soho - it was love at first sight. The Italian Company exudes the epitome of what true European craftsmanship and design means to the styling enthusiast….Each piece varies slightly due to the intricacy of detail and attention to quality. The pieces are exaggerated yet elegant. With hints of gold amongst a sea of white, Cyprus certainly knows how to create understated luxury.

I am definitely one for colour - and I find it more exciting than clean simple lines but there is something so eye catching about these pieces - maybe it’s the over exaggeration of the elements making up the designs.

Hello big chair! I love the contrast between organic and inorganic.

Yes, it may be a little garish - but this close up is outstanding.

The same chest of drawers also come with ceramic bows. How precious!

While quite feminine, the strong lines of the furniture create a masculine edge, which I think balances the collection well.

So, to prove my point about this great company I want to go one step further and show you the HH Florence (Hotel Home in Florence). The concept being that guests are made to feel at home in an uncluttered space devoid of the over emphasis of staying in a hotel.

I love the idea of white on white - play with textures and finishes to create interest and depth. Splashes of bright colour will modernise a space. The use of various shades of timber flooring will also alter the ambience of the space. Lighter floors give a floaty, dream like feel, while darker timbers give a grounded feel.

[all images via Cyrus Company]

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello Trosman Lover...

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov..

Just proves your creativity is only limited by your imagination...
Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can create something so wonderful… a rainbow of tussled and layered fabrics.

Of course the clothes are as intriguing as the styling.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Textile Inspiration - Madeline Weinrib & her fantastical atelier

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov..

Not only is Madeline Weinrib Atelier in New York known for their sumptuous, deliciously, lavish fabrics, rugs and furniture but they are the sponsors of Project Marala - A non profit organisation founded in the late 1980’s. Its goal and purpose is to eliminate child labour within the carpet weaving industry in India. The organization has set up a school curriculum which empowers children and allows them to matriculate into higher education creating more learning opportunities for them.

Now for the lady behind the name - Madeline Weinrib, painter and designer, great granddaughter of the founder of ABC carpets in New York has created her own collections drawing from her travels and love for opulent colour and pattern to create beauty and interest for the home.

Now that I have created this picture perfect description of MWA feast your eyes on this wonderful world of colour, pattern and texture….

There are 3 fabric ranges this is the Ikat range - what a stunning take on such a cultural pattern.

It’s like licorice all sorts for textiles. A candy land…

Dont these just look good enough to eat...

Just some of these magnificent fabrics made into cushions (available here]

Suzani is motif based and the intense colours give this pattern an incredibly bold statement.

The Organic Block Print range is a little more subtle. What a great alternative to the same stripes and spots for a childs room - used in accents on drum-shades, blinds, trimmings and throw cushions with a beautiful striped wall in neutrals would create a fresh take on the good old kiddies space.

Great for a little girls room. You could even add to the cushions contrasting pom poms in pink and orange for an extra element of fun.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspiring Palettes - Black & White...

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov..
The next few images pay respect to the idea that a little goes a long way- thanks to Miami interior designer Nacho Polo who uses a white canvas injected with contrasts of black in varying texture, shape and finish. What an interesting way to create something unique.
I love the contrast between old and new, especially the Moooi Smoke chair. Everything is done in moderation, from the old style mouldings and fireplace to the more modern furniture pieces, just a hint says a thousand words.

I love this image and what it conveys as an interesting space because of all the design elements working to create harmony. Repetition of organic shapes (wall paper, drum-shades) mimics the curved walls and entry ways which softens this contrasting space. The white positive spaces give breath and pause allowing for the impact of the wallpaper to be effective.

Love this idea and so easy to achieve. I would go one step further using the frames as they are on the wall in the image- hang beautiful objects, ceramic feathers [from Have You Met Miss Jones?] and create an installation that is forever changing.
[images above via nacho polo]
What a contrast to Polo’s interiors. This space is so experimental and bold. Isn’t it amazing how different applications of the same palette can create such dramatically different spaces?
[image above Domino Magazine via Cerise Pink]

Here the contrast is more subtle as there is a balance between white and black. Using a darker floor also helps ground the space.
[image above via Woodson & Rummerfield]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love to Dwell on beautiful things...

I've just spied Dwell studio's new releases and they are gorgeous [who could ever expect less really, they never seem too disappoint!] They were first alluded to on the Dwell studio blog [image above] Now I see that Design*sponge has posted images of the completed designs here. Below are some of my favs.

I absolutely love the colour palette and will be coveting the gold & turquoise peacock design when it is released in April...
[PS. In case you were wondering, Im now overdue which is why I am still blogging! Hope you are enjoying Daniella's wonderful posts, I am finding them quite inspirational...]