Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Design Files Open House & Dulux

[above - clockwise from top left - various art on Dulux Waterworld background; Dulux Mondrian Blue features as backdrop for the Kirra Jamison feature; Dulux Companion in the lounge area with various art see here for details]

I was privileged to get a preview of The Design Files Open House on Weds morning before the general public and luckily (for my husband not for me) I wasn't able to purchase anything yet or I may have blown our Christmas budget...

The Open House was its expected fabulous self but with one major change - colour in the form of painted panels as a result of Dulux's sponsorship - and I have to say what an amazing result. Being involved with Dulux does make me bias BUT honestly it was such a brilliant example of how colour can enhance art and add mood to a space.

If you haven't been yet and you are in Melbourne - get yourself over to 9a Westley Street Hawthorn and check it out, they are still open Sunday - I guarantee you wont leave empty handed, there are too many lovely things available to purchase...

[above - Heather Nette King and I show off that we are wearing heels for the first time in a long time...special edition sample pots in Mondrian Blue by Dulux, plates are Bonnie and Neil, coffee table by Jardan & rug by Loom]
 [above - special edition glass display domes by Amanda Dziedzic]

[above - outside at TDF Open House - Market Lane delicious coffee and Lightly shades used creatively...]

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dulux Colour Movement...

I'm way behind in blog land and have so much to post, including my highlights from Design:Made:Trade and Decoration + Design (however long ago they were - its still too good not to share!) But I am long overdue in sharing with you one of my biggest projects from 2012 - the Dulux Colour Forecast 2013 - Colour Movement. I have been working with Dulux as their resident colour expert since May last year, working with Andrea Lucena-Orr to develop the new colour forecast for 2013 and have been having an amazing (if not extremely busy) time. It's also very rewarding when you see large projects come to fruition and look as amazing as this one does. It was a privilege and a pleasure to see some of Australia's best tastemakers, Mim Design and Ella Leoncio interpreting the Dulux colour trends and bringing them to life with such beautiful imagery. Here's just a snippet but please jump over to the Dulux Colour Forecast page and take a look at the rest of their work. And don't be shy - let me know which trend you like most! 
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[image top - Rise - Mim Design for Dulux]
[Empower - Mim Design for Dulux - oh and yes - that circle is actually painted on the walls - was amazing!]

[Seek - Ella Leoncio for Dulux]
[Seek Bree Leech for Dulux]

[Merge - Ella Leoncio for Dulux]
[Blur - Ella Leoncio for Dulux]

 [Share - Mim Design for Dulux]

[Rise - Mim Design for Dulux]