Thursday, April 1, 2010

Textile Inspiration - Rie Elise Larsen

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov...

This European genius (based in Denmark) has taken paper and textile and created some gorgeous designs for the home. I love the hand made quality of the work and the uniqueness of each piece of paper work… this is definitely one for the books!

Not only are the products gorgeous but the styling is just as inspirational….please excuse the inundation of images in this post but I hope you are as inspired as I am…

The paper product line is just delicious and with the amazing colours available there is no doubt one could find a use for these for absolutely anything…

From boxes, to paper sheets, to paper drawers and mobiles feast your eyes on these eye candy must haves..

The interior pieces range from metal pendants, textile cables, table lamps, cushions and paper lampshades, which are just beautiful.

These are my favourite and with the textile cables you can mix and match to create your very own look.

Just one of the many ideas you can use these shades for… even more beautiful to create a cluster of these in varying sizes in a little girl’s room.

The great idea about this clever designer is that you can buy all these pieces separately and create your own very unique piece of work.

What a great way to create character and personal touches to any part of your home and to create something special for others…

[all images via Rie Elise Larsen]

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