Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tennis, Polar Bears and Ostrich's?

What on earth could bring all these things together?
Take a look at the Turner Pocock Wallpaper Collection and you might just find all of these things and more!

Turner Pocock Cazalet is a team of three gorgeous designers, Bunny Turner & Emma Peacock - interior designers - were inspiered by Catherine Cazalet's portfolio of hand drawn designs and established the company to create a collection of wallpapers.

I love the subtle quirkeness of the desings and colour combinations. The uber cool classic styling of the shots sets the wallpaper designs completely at ease. [The wallpaper above on closer inspection is actually a design created of cricket bat and ball]

I am quite taken by the relaxed style of Turner Pocock Interior Design [above & below]. There is a timelessness in the interiors they create which are neither ultra modern or too reminiscent of any particular era and everything seems to come together perfectly.

[all images via Turner Pocock Cazalet & Turner Pocock Interior Design]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heather Bailey equals retro cool...

How cool is this blog? I am referring to Heather Bailey's blog of course. I love the design and layout and the content is rather fabulous as well.

Heather describes herself as a fabric & lifestyle designer, an inventor and Mum - how she finds the time to create such beautiful fabric designs and blog such gorgeous posts - I think I need a few pointers!

I first discovered Heather Bailey while just browsing fabrics online, once I looked at her website and blog I was hooked. I love the girly retro feel to her fabrics and designs such as the Smarty Girl Book Bag [shown above].

Her blog is a great one to visit for inspiration, free tutorials and mini patterns and you can be sure to leave feeling happier and more optimistic just from the upbeat feel of the blog and the cheery images. Her website offers all the gorgeous fabrics, sewing patterns and more to buy. I look forward to following Heather's progress as she releases more designs and clever ideas [such as the Nicey Jane collection shown above and Pop Garden shown below] ...

[all images via Heather Bailey]

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bright Pirate is a shining light...

I love the use of found objects and recycling vintage or discarded materials, so Bright Pirate really caught my eye. The artist and designer behind Bright Pirate creates items that make use of materials such as hair, leather, tea bags and old books to name a few. Above is one of the gorgeous creations, the band top, which uses rubber bands in the most lovely way to form lace or crochet like detail.

The amazing necklace below is crafted with vintage radio wires, while above are patchwork pillows using scrap vintage silk.

These one off Croccandle sticks are the mallets of a vintage crochet set.

There is something so authentic and special about design that uses materials with a past life. Bright Pirate clearly injects passion and love into each object created. See more Bright Pirate here and visit here if you would like to buy.

[all images via Bright Pirate]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paperclip inspiration...

Sometimes you notice inspiration coming from the same ordinary object, I pick it up often when trend hunting but sometimes I just stumble upon it quite by accident. That seems to be the case with the humble paperclip.

First came the Clip House, which was spotted in Inside Out magazine last year. The exterior of this home resembles a giant paperclip but in a good way [I think]. You can find the Clip House in Madrid and its interior is just as remarkable as its exterior.
[images above via e-architect; architect - Javier Bernalte & Jose Luis Leon of Bernalte-Leon Architects]

Then there is the paperclip lamp, quite a clever lamp and not bad looking either, you can bend this lamp just as you would a paperclip. Quite a cool desk lamp.
[images via]

I also love the idea of several of these oversized paperclip coat hooks hanging in the reception or lobby of an office, even being used as magazine holders.
[images via]

But I am in awe of these paperclip pendant lights, created by hundreds [maybe thousands?] of paperclips. Available from Re:Design Technologies, I admire their absolute patience in creating these amazing art pieces, perhaps good therapy? If you think so you can actually purchase tutorials on how to make them as well.
[images via Re:Design technologies]

And on the actual paperclip itself, these very cool redesigns from Kikki K. They also have gorgeous simple round paperclips which I think may find themselves on my desk quite soon...
[images above via Kikki K]

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lightly give flight...

I have always loved the work of Melbourne based design house Lightly. Their tabletop range is probably most well known, it helped form the trend of 'hard lace' a couple of years ago with the launch of their signature acrylic pieces inspired by lace or doilies [such as Rosie Bowl]. Cindy-Lee Davies, the designer behind Lightly, has created a range of beautifully crafted objects that all play on nostalgia. Each piece, in its own way is a modern take on memories from more romantic times.

At the moment I am coveting Chrysalis - a project that recycles saucers which are reborn as lovely butterflies. They are also available as exclusive collector editions using Willow, Dolton, Meakin etc plates. Equally as beautiful are the Swallows designed using the same principle, and the Chrysalis Glass collection [shown bottom].

[images via Lightly]

Monday, January 4, 2010

Capital Coffee at Chadstone...

OK, so I haven't been getting out much. I tell myself the fact that I am in the eighth month of pregnancy no. 3 is a good enough excuse but to be honest I have just been feeling a little uninspired to write, and so this post comes to you after quite a long hiatus, one I hope not to repeat. Lets call it designers block.

So what has stirred me from my mundane non blogging existence you may ask? Well, it was coffee at Chadstone - quite unexpectedly.

Chadstone is the shopping destination for Melbournites [some would say only second to Chapel Street] and it has recently had an extension [it was already ridiculously large] to include luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo - well you get the idea. Now, I haven't had a good look at these stores I have to admit [I really haven't been feeling glamourous enough, do I need to remind you about being eight months pregnant...] so I may come back to you about being inspired by some aspect of one of these high end stores - but from a glance, so-so, although the Swarovski shopfront is rather gorgeous. But it was a new venture that spiked my inspiration, a cafe called Capital Kitchen.

A friend suggested we meet for coffee "just around the corner from Tiffany's" and so I wandered around the corner, after being quite amused at the crowd of woman 3 deep at the counter of Tiffany's - imagining them all placing their orders for christmas trinkets at the expense of their husbands or partners [please don't get me wrong, I'm all for a little duck egg blue box under my tree!] and found to my delight the cafe, that I had expected to be another soulless coffee shop with no atmosphere as is usually the case in a large shopping centre. But no, here was a vast open space filled with natural light and more than a little atmosphere, it was actually really pleasant and I felt like I was somewhere else entirely.

Capital Kitchen is the joint venture of Bruce & Chyka Keebaugh - You may recognise those names as the creators of The Big Group - an amazingly successful catering group based in Melbourne. The philosophy of Capital Kitchen is simple - provide a relaxing and welcoming environment, a new place to discover interesting homewares and offer delicious fresh food that is cooked onsite.

I can say that the atmosphere was definitely relaxing, the staff were really welcoming and genuinely friendly [even after spotting my pram & 2 yr old who sometimes provoke less than friendly responses!] The coffee was great and whilst I haven't yet ventured back to check out the food [time didn't permit on this particular day], the initial menu looked fab, even offering kids lunch boxes.

The menu was a work in progress which would expand as kitchen works were completed [which I believe they now are] and once the liquor licence was approved Capital Kitchen will also serve as a bar. I loved the simplicity of the graphics and branding used [Created by Cornwell Design] to help convey the Capital Kitchen brand.

So what about the interior - well I already mentioned the vastness providing a warehouse like feel but there is nothing cold about the space. The furniture is high quality and so comfortable. The use of timber, brick and farm-style or industrial finishes & fixtures such as the 'drink sink' area [above] or the lighting installation [below] are what make Capital Kitchen a relaxed place to hang out after a hard shop. Bruce & Chyka Keebaugh worked closely with Miriam Fanning of Mim Design to create this unique retail interior which firmly reflects the recent return to honesty and simplicity with real style within interiors and homeware products.

Capital Kitchen also has a retail homewares section with goods that reflected the overall brand and feel of the store.

I hope you will check out Capital Kitchen after your next shopping adventure, let me know what you think...

[images are all my own - apologies for lack of quality, its not one of iphones redeeming qualities...]

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010...

i spy would like to say Happy New Year!
We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 brings about all you are wishing for. After a long hiatus i spy will be back to blogging and (hopefully) inspiring you in 2010. We hope you will continue to visit us and leave your feedback — its very much valued and appreciated.
Heres to you! Cheers...
[image via The Society Inc. styling by Sibella Court - whose new book etcetera is an amazing treasure trove!]