Friday, September 5, 2008

showering in a box

For a long time we have been seeing our bathrooms transform into larger spaces that are more about 'me time' and less about practicality. Once quite utilitarian, the bathroom has become an all important space and one that expresses design equally as well as the other rooms in your home. In Australia, the dilemma of all this has been the conflicting ideas of spending more time in your bathroom whilst fiercely saving water [how many of us have buckets in our showers just so we can water our favourite plants?]. There is also the problem that most homes just don't have the luxury of space to create the spa style bathroom.
I think the trend is on the move, luxury is still all important but design isn't good design if it doesn't function well, so in answer to this we see designers creating new solutions. Here are some examples of clever preening products & spaces...

Avec Toi is a shower 'cabin' designed for two. Its simple aesthetic of lacquered aluminium and glass complements the luxury features including touch screen controls and hydro-massage jets. Designed by PS+A - Palomba Serfini Associates for Kos, PS+A also designed the Dora armchair for Zanotta [one of my favourites]
[image from Kos Website]

The worlds first beauty shower, Methven's Satinjet Maia gives you a chlorine free, pure water experience with a multi-functional shower head that provides a body massage and a gentle face massage. The shower is fitted with a vitamin C canister that eliminates the chlorine in your water, preventing your hair and skin from over drying. Maia provides a luxurious spa experience with impressive water saving technology and its streamlined design is easy on the [design] eye. All this and it is designed in New Zealand - almost local!
[image from Satinjet Maia website]

Another shower 'cabin' with your personal wellness in mind is the Anthropos designed by Claudio Papa for Glass. This shower box can be customised to include hydro massage, steam bath, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, radio and the luxury of a heated compartment for towels and robes.
[image from Glass Website]

Of course all of these luxury bathing designs come at a cost but we seek to inspire those of you who are more cost effective...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

pretty in print

You may have already read or heard about Lara Cameron of Lara Cameron Design and her gorgeous limited edition hand printed textiles [pictured here is houses in teal and bicycles in chocolate]. Lara has recently embarked on a new business, Ink & spindle which will be producing hand printed textiles with an environmental focus. Co founded with Tegan & Bianca, fellow lovers of art and design, Ink & Spindle will be a company to watch for inspiring new Australian made designs. To follow the progress of thier new business you can read thier blog Ink & Spindle which keeps us up to date with thier adventures creating the new Ink & Spindle studio in Kensington's Younghusband Wool Store building.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

i spy with my design eye...

introducing i spy with my design eye... a website that will share with you what catches our eye in the design world - what trends we see developing, who we think is worth watching and what websites, blogs, retail destinations and products are 'design-eye-worthy'. Edited by colour and trend designer Bree Leech, i spy with my design eye will feature inspiring information and visuals for everyone from design pros to those who just like to look.

So keep your design eye on this page for [almost] daily posts and enjoy!