Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspiring Palettes - Black & White...

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov..
The next few images pay respect to the idea that a little goes a long way- thanks to Miami interior designer Nacho Polo who uses a white canvas injected with contrasts of black in varying texture, shape and finish. What an interesting way to create something unique.
I love the contrast between old and new, especially the Moooi Smoke chair. Everything is done in moderation, from the old style mouldings and fireplace to the more modern furniture pieces, just a hint says a thousand words.

I love this image and what it conveys as an interesting space because of all the design elements working to create harmony. Repetition of organic shapes (wall paper, drum-shades) mimics the curved walls and entry ways which softens this contrasting space. The white positive spaces give breath and pause allowing for the impact of the wallpaper to be effective.

Love this idea and so easy to achieve. I would go one step further using the frames as they are on the wall in the image- hang beautiful objects, ceramic feathers [from Have You Met Miss Jones?] and create an installation that is forever changing.
[images above via nacho polo]
What a contrast to Polo’s interiors. This space is so experimental and bold. Isn’t it amazing how different applications of the same palette can create such dramatically different spaces?
[image above Domino Magazine via Cerise Pink]

Here the contrast is more subtle as there is a balance between white and black. Using a darker floor also helps ground the space.
[image above via Woodson & Rummerfield]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love to Dwell on beautiful things...

I've just spied Dwell studio's new releases and they are gorgeous [who could ever expect less really, they never seem too disappoint!] They were first alluded to on the Dwell studio blog [image above] Now I see that Design*sponge has posted images of the completed designs here. Below are some of my favs.

I absolutely love the colour palette and will be coveting the gold & turquoise peacock design when it is released in April...
[PS. In case you were wondering, Im now overdue which is why I am still blogging! Hope you are enjoying Daniella's wonderful posts, I am finding them quite inspirational...]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Ode to the work space...

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov..

I want to pay homage to an American interiors magazine which unfortunately didn’t have a very long shelf life, but was truly inspirational for its photography, styling and colour palette… what I personally loved most about the mag was it’s practical and beautiful creative ideas. So get ready for some delicious images (in the upcoming installments) that will set your creative senses on fire.

With this said, as guest blogger my up and coming posts will take cue from Domino [image above via The Domino Magazine Files] and admire and love rooms displaying unique qualities which are so easy to achieve.

To kick start this endeavour I’m going to start with a room/space in the home which I really love. Being a creative, I think a work area becomes a sanctuary of inspiration. I find it hard to work anywhere other than in my workspace… Stay posted for the before and after images of my work space as I attempt to create the ultimate working area. In the meantime here are a few of my favourite workspaces.

I wish I was as organized as this.. though my explanation to anyone commenting on the state of my space is “organised chaos”. This area is certainly far from this- I love the idea of using different coloured storage boxes and magazine holders to create interest and inspiration. What a happy, pretty space.

If you’re the crafty type what a great way to jazz up your stationary and tools. You can find these tool boards at any hardware store. Choose your favourite colour and paint away. Not only is it great for organisation but what a great way to show off your weapons of choice.
[images above via BH&G]

[image above via kris atomic]

What I love about this gorgeous space is its versatility. Pieces are used a number of ways and the accents of colour generate enough interest to create intrigue. I love the bookshelf packed with magazines, books and objects. Not only is the book case a great place to store your favourite books and tid bits but each compartment becomes a focal point setting perhaps a theme or atmosphere for the space.

By alternating between stacking horizontally and vertically, overlaying books with framed pictures, vases and the like what a great way to create an interesting clutter free space.

Another great way to create areas in an open plan or small space is to either use room dividers or in this case the book case which acts as wall, come divider, come storage space.

Using colours with the same tonal values (the hot pink seat pad, the canary yellow roses and the bits of colours from the books) creates enough contrast with the black armchair as a focal point.
[above image Domino magazine via flickr]

Love the space… Interesting storage cabinets above the desk- great way of displaying your inspiration images without sacrificing space. [image above via made by girl]

Love the simplicity of the space. Never liked the idea of antlers… however they seem to work here. The focal point is not the poor antlers but the mass of images surrounding it. It therefore enhances the atmosphere of the space. [image via marie claire maison]

Glad to know Im not the only one suffering an abundance of magazines (which I can never get rid of!) [image via flickr]

If I were Barbie this would be my office… I love the contrast of powder pink, glossy black floors and black accented furnishings… but maybe just a little too pretty for me. I do love the idea of hiding the desk behind a set of cupboards. For a little more interest you could go a step further and find a beautiful wallpaper to place on the inside of the doors. The smallest details count. [image via coco+kelley]

Photographed by UK photographer Max Attenborough. This I could gladly settle into. By framing the inspiration board in a vintage frame it creates a focal point and a very individual piece of art work. [image above & below via Max Attenborough]

It really goes without saying no matter what the size of your space- you can really create something great. If you are someone like me who needs to have an inspiration board, buy a corkboard that fits the space and go wild. This way you can change your images. I just love the Cole and Son wallpaper on the cupboards at the bottom.

With all these sumptuous images- Im off to tackle my dream space…. Happy styling!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i spy introduces Daniella Kilov...

[images above - Rene Gruau via private]

I’d like to introduce you to Daniella – who has very kindly agreed to do some guest blogging for a few weeks while I am busy with baby no.3 [no, it hasn’t arrived yet but any day now…].

Daniella is a very talented young designer with big ambitions and a great sense of style who loves to work with colour. She has recently finished studying at ISCD in Sydney where she won many awards and acclamations for her work. A short time ago she travelled in the US where she took in all she could on the design scene and is now back in Sydney working with some amazing people such as Paul Hopper, Megan Morton, Jo Carmichael & Inside Out magazine assisting in styling shoots and sourcing products etc. Daniella also works with clients on interior design & colour styling projects for both residential and commercial.

I am sure she will be able to 'spy' many gorgeous things while I am otherwise occupied and keep you inspired.

Here’s 5 minutes with Daniella to help us get to know her…

What do you want to be when you grow up?
An influential interior stylist come fashion designer come homewares designer (it seems to be the circle of life at the moment)
Describe where you live & who with?
Still living at home-there's always a lot going on at my house but I
love the noise, and the fact that everything takes place around the kitchen...it creates a togetherness where we all have an input in cooking and one anothers lives. I live with my mom, dad and brother... (my sister is currently in Miami) but it is never just the four of us.
What's your most favourite possession?
Have a few- my swarovski ballerina figurine from my boyfriend (I think it was a hint…what was, was). My Dad’s two beautiful abstract paintings in my room, all my design books- I would save those before myself!
Who do you most admire?
I don’t really admire anyone in particular but I have great respect for anyone who stands up for what they believe and go against the grain. Those who succeed due to hard work, individuality and creativity.
If you could be one iconic design piece what would you be?
Besides anything from Eames? I would be the French magazine illustrations by Rene Gruau [below]- they epitomize femininity in its most glamorous and divine form, each illustration depicting a characteristic of the female.

I will be popping in from time to time but please enjoy Daniella’s insight in the meantime…

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naomi Murrell - Love is in th air...

With Valentines day only a few days away I thought it was prudent I post something about love - I think Naomi Murrell's work fits the bill.

With names like Lovebirds & Nature Lover her screen prints couldn't be more 'love'-ly and the theme continues in her limited edition cushions, jewellery and letter press cards.

I think a visit to Naomi Murrell's website is well worth it to put you in the mood for Valentines...

Click here for Naomi's Valentines day guide...
[all images via Naomi Murrell]

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pigeonhole is off the beaten track...

I know we haven't ventured into recommended retail territory for a while so here is some retail therapy I know you will love...
Perth's Pigeonhole - describes its wares as 'off beat design found off the beaten track'. Pigeonhole has 3 stores as well as a web-store, the London Court Store is pictured above.

What I love about Pigeonhole is their unique offering of brands that you won't find everywhere, some of them exclusive to Pigeonhole. Brands like Night Owl Paper Goods, an amazing range of wooden note cards [image above] and retro rings from proverb [image below].

And what about these retro-cool phones from Hulger used for Skype [images below] - have to love new technology disguised in vintage form.

If you are in Perth drop by Pigeonhole and discover what other amazing goods Pigeonhole have to offer, or just visit here for more info.
[all images via pigeonhole]