Sunday, May 23, 2010

white on white

Some of you may have realised that I do have a bit of a thing for layering white on white [my very basic attempt shown here from my last homes dining room - not quite anywhere near what I would really love to do...]. I also predicted it in trends for 2009-10 and have since seen lots of lovely examples but these images were spot on. I happened upon this collection from Jotun on Emmas designblogg and just had to post them here as a gorgeous example. Above and below are the 2010 collection images for Jotun's Lady Farger 2010...

[PS- in case you were wondering our new baby boy was born on Friday the 19th Feb and is doing brilliantly! Actaully I cant belive the time has gone that fast - Im still trying to get organised amidst also having to work on a project that was moved forward, safe to say my hands are very full but we should be back in full blogging mode very soon!!]

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