Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

[Image above via Down To The Woods - I love their stuff - super retro cute!!]

Yes - DesignEx is still on its way to you but with the current projects I have on and Easter holidays you'll have to wait a little bit longer...

So enjoy your Easter break, no matter what you decide to get up to! We're relaxing at home this year, Im reading some great design books [more on those later] and doing some baking - what about you?

Monday, April 18, 2011

A taste of DesignEx

DesignEx is over for another year and it was interesting. Different in a lot of ways from previous years and some would say not as good due to the exhibitor mix [some industries were barely represented such as soft floor coverings - not great for the carpet industry seeing there was so much in the way of hard flooring] but I still came away with some inspiration and a few good things to send your way over the next week or so. Stay tuned for more on stand design, some cool new products [or at least new to me!] and other interesting finds!
[above - the DIA & Colourways stand - winner of one of the best stand awards]

Friday, April 15, 2011

Formosa is beautiful in any language...

I first saw a Formosa fabric on the dining chairs at Reissued - the lovely redbacked wren & wattle design - and I needed to know more about this fabric and its story.

Formosa, meaning beautiful in latin, creates handprinted textiles of Australian nature in a way that makes them covetable to any discerning fabric lover. The designs are delicate and intricate yet modern and contemporary - just the right amount of pretty.

Jennifer Berney is something to admire, her goal when creating Formosa was to draw attention to Australia's lesser known natives through her gorgeous illustrations, inspiring us to plant native flora to attract the lovely native birds. She also aimed to run a sustainable business being socially & environmentally responsible, in part by using water-based inks and organic cotton/hemp fabric.

It seems Formosa are on hiatus as Jennifer Berney relocates to Asia on a new adventure but I cant wait to see what she does next.

[all images via Formosa]

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OK so you think all I do is read online mags...

Well, thats so not true! OK sometimes it does take a big chunk out of my day, maybe out of my week - like over the last week when I was reviewing them to give you guys our fav's and now yet another charming online publication has been launched - so I have to review that one don't I? - it's only fair!

Fresh in the inbox this morning was the news- Trad Home has launched! Trad Home is a collaboration of Lonny and American print publication Traditional Home with an aim to show that traditionalism still has relevance in today's world -and I think it's the perfect time for such a statement. Not only is traditionalism alive and well but we have seen it have a new lease of life with so many designers re-embracing traditional construction, manufacturing and decorating methods in the development of new designs, a 'back to the roots of their crafts' type trend. And the eclectic mix of styles that makes up todays modern interior celebrates traditional in many ways. So it was with anticipation that I clicked the pages of Trad Home to see if they had managed to capture this movement.

The first thing I am loving is the video - Jonathan Adler vs. Charlotte Moss - one of the reasons I LOVE online mags - you cant do this in print! The video captures the personality of the two designers as they playfully but simply explain their take on traditional design and how they incorporate it in their own individual style .

There is a fab feature on the Louis XVI chair - I think this chair is one of the most classic dining or side chair that works in almost any space so I loved the modern makeover given by the 6 designers to this much loved icon.

But of course the highlights of the magazine are the homes in the feature - 20 new traditionals. Beautiful, diverse, quirky and luxurious - each one embracing traditional in the designers own style and all of them something to admire and be inspired by.

OK - I think Ill get back to work now and look forward to the next moment I get to keep delving into this new beauty that is Trad Home...

Tell me - do you love it?...

Monday, April 11, 2011

i spy's e-magazine favourites...

Hopefully you've had time to check out Est and loved it as much as I did. I thought you might like to know what other e-magazines i spy are perusing, heres a few of our fav's for you to click on and enjoy...

[image above: one of the gorgeous pages from Adore]

Adore magazine was the first of its kind for Australia. Established and edited by designer Loni Parker, it distinguishes itself with lovely lashings of colour from cover to cover, quirky editorial and great style. Its also an amazing resource with so much 'style to steal' only a click away...

Rue combines edgy fashion editorial with interior trends, hands on DIY projects and delicious food to create a magazine full of amazing style - and fun! The four lovely ladies behind Rue are stylish, gorgeous and look like they enjoy every minute of life - this is the attitude that is delivered on every page of Rue.

A bit of an all rounder American based Dabble features lots of fabulous homes and practical advice articles such as how to specify tiles. Dabble is split into three sections - design, travel & food with each issue featuring a particular destination and what it has to offer.

Ivy & Piper's Brisbane duo Melanie & Elizabeth have created a visual feast to die for with style inspirations from Manhattan to Brisbane. Featuring fashion inspired editorial, amazing retail destinations and gorgeous decorating inspiration all presented with sophisticated style.

And as previously blogged....

Lonny - read about it here. A fabulous publication thats taking online magazines to the next level.

Est - well just refer to previous post if you need to hear my rant...

Let me know your favourite and why...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just click to flick & be thoroughly inspired!

Well you've heard me rattle on about Lonny - online mag launched last year - and now you'll have to put up with me raving on about another. This time it's an Australian mag, so I may go on even more...

Est [as in loveliEST, greatEST, bestEST - Ok that's not a word really but you get the drift!] is a new e-magazine launched just this week. I'm not only excited that it's produced here in Melbourne [at least in part - I assume from the tram zooming by in the shot of Sian MacPherson the Editor in Chief] but I'm just plain excited thats it's so visually inspiring. The styling in the shots below has me salivating, desiring to throw aside all the other work I have [piling up at the moment...] and do some amazing styling with one of my fav photographers for no other purpose than to create something beautiful, sigh.

And how the typography, combined with the relaxed Australian style and gorgeous combinations of new and old create the amazing super smooth fresh feel with just enough edge - don't get me started...

On a more practical note the content is crammed full of inspiring info with links a plenty so you can get behind the scenes of the story, one of the things I love about online media. So what are you waiting for - get clicking! And let me know what you think...
all images via Est

Monday, April 4, 2011

grand designs scandinavian house

Watching Grand Designs this week I fell in love with the amazing scandinavian inspired home designed [and project managed] by interior designer Kathryn Tyler. I just had to share some of it with you here.

Its simplicity together with the amazing treasure trove of homewares & furniture Kathryn has curated create that perfect combination of old, new, rescued and vintage. My heart aches to build a home with such modesty and character and fill it with items so loved.

all images via Kathryn Tyler
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Friday, April 1, 2011

pick up your pen and take this down...

Theres nothing like original and unique stationary and receiving a hand written note from someone can really make your day - I know it makes my heart melt! Which is why I was drawn to Magnolia Square find no. 2 - Boutique stationary creators Write To Me. Write To Me has that vintage feel with simple retro style illustrations on notebooks, cards, wrapping paper, invitations, postcards and even cake bags.

Designed by sisters Anna & Nicoletta and made in Melbourne, the hand printed goods are beautifully presented, making them feel even more special.

Check them out on made it