Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just click to flick & be thoroughly inspired!

Well you've heard me rattle on about Lonny - online mag launched last year - and now you'll have to put up with me raving on about another. This time it's an Australian mag, so I may go on even more...

Est [as in loveliEST, greatEST, bestEST - Ok that's not a word really but you get the drift!] is a new e-magazine launched just this week. I'm not only excited that it's produced here in Melbourne [at least in part - I assume from the tram zooming by in the shot of Sian MacPherson the Editor in Chief] but I'm just plain excited thats it's so visually inspiring. The styling in the shots below has me salivating, desiring to throw aside all the other work I have [piling up at the moment...] and do some amazing styling with one of my fav photographers for no other purpose than to create something beautiful, sigh.

And how the typography, combined with the relaxed Australian style and gorgeous combinations of new and old create the amazing super smooth fresh feel with just enough edge - don't get me started...

On a more practical note the content is crammed full of inspiring info with links a plenty so you can get behind the scenes of the story, one of the things I love about online media. So what are you waiting for - get clicking! And let me know what you think...
all images via Est

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