Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paperclip inspiration...

Sometimes you notice inspiration coming from the same ordinary object, I pick it up often when trend hunting but sometimes I just stumble upon it quite by accident. That seems to be the case with the humble paperclip.

First came the Clip House, which was spotted in Inside Out magazine last year. The exterior of this home resembles a giant paperclip but in a good way [I think]. You can find the Clip House in Madrid and its interior is just as remarkable as its exterior.
[images above via e-architect; architect - Javier Bernalte & Jose Luis Leon of Bernalte-Leon Architects]

Then there is the paperclip lamp, quite a clever lamp and not bad looking either, you can bend this lamp just as you would a paperclip. Quite a cool desk lamp.
[images via]

I also love the idea of several of these oversized paperclip coat hooks hanging in the reception or lobby of an office, even being used as magazine holders.
[images via]

But I am in awe of these paperclip pendant lights, created by hundreds [maybe thousands?] of paperclips. Available from Re:Design Technologies, I admire their absolute patience in creating these amazing art pieces, perhaps good therapy? If you think so you can actually purchase tutorials on how to make them as well.
[images via Re:Design technologies]

And on the actual paperclip itself, these very cool redesigns from Kikki K. They also have gorgeous simple round paperclips which I think may find themselves on my desk quite soon...
[images above via Kikki K]

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