Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vogue Living has its first ever guest editor

My copy of Vogue Living arrived today, its still sitting next to me - I am dying to open it and see if the contents are as amazing as the cover - but I am one of those people that have to wait until the right moment to sit quietly and absorb each detail with delight. Catherine Martin is the guest editor of this collectors edition, I love her work and I think her latest venture into interior textile design shows it keeps getting better and better. Upon investigation I have discovered that there are actually 4 different covers - this presents a real dilemma for me as I am a collector when it comes to magazines. Should I hunt down the other 3 versions and essentially have 4 copies of the same mag?! My copy is the gold and red one but I am a bit partial to the bronze teal and gold version...mmm perhaps a trip to the newsagency just to have a look...
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