Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Beautiful colour calling...

A big Thanks to Wendy Moore the editor at Australian Home Beautiful for asking me if I would like to be involved in their colour issue. The result is featured in the regular Style Insight section of the May Home Beautiful - thanks to Belinda Jackson for such a fun interview and photographer Sharyn Cairns & Stylist Wendy Bannister for creating a relaxing atmosphere at the shoot. It's a gorgeous issue with great features such as 'Back to basics' a beautifully styled article [styling by Imogen Abady] that outlines the experts best white paint selections and 'Living colour' wonderful examples of colour schemes inspired by various themes in nature [my favourite is the 'sea life' scheme]. So head out and grab May HB and let me know what you think...


  1. Hi Bree, love the blog! Thanks for the mention, you were very generous to call that echo-riddled interview fun! Have reciprocated on my far less glam blog, Milan a-go! Cheers, Belinda

  2. That's so weird, even three years later, I love to look at my collection of older magazines, and this same issue is sitting on the coffee table as we speak, love it!! Good work!!


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