Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Design Files Open House & Dulux

[above - clockwise from top left - various art on Dulux Waterworld background; Dulux Mondrian Blue features as backdrop for the Kirra Jamison feature; Dulux Companion in the lounge area with various art see here for details]

I was privileged to get a preview of The Design Files Open House on Weds morning before the general public and luckily (for my husband not for me) I wasn't able to purchase anything yet or I may have blown our Christmas budget...

The Open House was its expected fabulous self but with one major change - colour in the form of painted panels as a result of Dulux's sponsorship - and I have to say what an amazing result. Being involved with Dulux does make me bias BUT honestly it was such a brilliant example of how colour can enhance art and add mood to a space.

If you haven't been yet and you are in Melbourne - get yourself over to 9a Westley Street Hawthorn and check it out, they are still open Sunday - I guarantee you wont leave empty handed, there are too many lovely things available to purchase...

[above - Heather Nette King and I show off that we are wearing heels for the first time in a long time...special edition sample pots in Mondrian Blue by Dulux, plates are Bonnie and Neil, coffee table by Jardan & rug by Loom]
 [above - special edition glass display domes by Amanda Dziedzic]

[above - outside at TDF Open House - Market Lane delicious coffee and Lightly shades used creatively...]

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