Friday, July 20, 2012

Design:Made:Trade & Decoration + Design trend report on its way!

How good was Design:Made:Trade & Decoration + Design/Furnitex this year? Well as good as the snippet above of Rowena Martinich's amazing artwork at Design:Made:Trade. I loved every minute of the past 2 days traipsing through the shows and listening to some amazing speakers including Genty Marshall from New Black Global Trends (really inspiring and just what I wanted to hear while I am finishing up a trend forecast - correlation with those findings!). So stay tuned as i spy with my design eye... comes back with a bang! Hiatus?? What hiatus....?


  1. Saw your IG comment on the post by "the girl who ate melbourne" !
    Love your photos. Very interesting to the eye :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! My blog is sadly neglected but will be relaunching this year with new content, hope you'll drop by again :)


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