Thursday, March 10, 2011

aker collective inspires consumers to create...

Don't you just love that image - I'm inspired by it without even knowing what I am looking at, I love the combination of the colours and the natural timber and even the cardboard. I just want to get in there and do something with it all. Well, lucky for me that's exactly what Aker Collective want - for you to complete the creative vision that is their Take 'n' Make series of lights.

Aker Collective believe that the future of sustainable design will rely on involving the user - "The value of design will be it's ability to inspire people to engage". With this in mind Take 'n' Make was created, a furniture series that comes together with the consumers creative input.

The first part of the series was launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Consumers can choose elements of the lamps such as shades, coloured cords and tripods, as a result different sizes and styles can be created. I love the look of the slightly unpolished finished product and can imagine that's what they had in mind, to emphasise rather than downplay the consumer construction part of the design. Keeping a close i spy eye on Aker Collective for what they do next...

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