Monday, September 21, 2009

Vince Letterpress: Text messages worth saving...

I already love Meaghan Barbuto from Vince Letterpress for her fabulously clever tagline on her recent advertising in Dumbo Feather - Text messages worth saving - I just love it, and agree with it. I love text messages as much as the next modern gal but how I do love the written word, a personally written note on a beautiful card.

So if you haven't already guessed Vince Letterpress is all about cards [and mustn't forget the limited edition prints such as the one shown at top]. The Melbourne studio fuses modern design and technology with traditional letterpress printing methods to produce quite unique cards. I love the vivid colour of the In the suburbs series [shown above] and the little details Meaghan creates such as the fact the envelopes for this series are made from old melways (Melbourne Street directory) maps. Another fabulous find at Life Instyle...For more on Vince and stockist info visit their website here. [all images via Vince website]

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